Seasons Greetings from us at Young Winners Empire; and welcome to our lifestyle page. Get the latest updates about our life style, latest Entertainment News and Educational Resources to help you in your musical endeavours. “Giving is our life style”

We have decided to be putting out our behind the scene (BTS) videos of events, like how we make music, recording sessions, tours and more.

Entertainment News:

Get to know our latest music, official videos, Performances, Fashion & Entertainments.  

Educational Resources:

Do you have any interest in music production? Do you want to learn how to make music like a pro? If yes, then sit back and relax cos you’re in the right place.

We’re putting out some tutorial videos on how to:

  1. How to make beat any Afrobeat, Hip hop beats, RnB beats, Ama Piano beats and more using Logic Pro X.
  2. Mix and master any type beat.
  3. Record your vocals properly, using Logic Pro X
  4. Mix and master your project using Logic Pro X
  5. Distribute your music globally and more tutorials.

So we will be putting out a full complete video course that will guide you throughout your production journey. Be sure to stay connected to benefit from all this special offers.

Our Services

Our services includes:

If you are looking for a beat instrumental for your next projects, be sure to visit our Beat Store to get lease or an exclusive rights. And if you are actually interested interested in any of our services, just click any of the bulleted links above. Our team of highly trained professional Producers, Songwriters, Audio Engineers and Video Directors are here to serve you.

Free Afrobeat Instrumental - Enjoy Life

We are always updating our Beat Store with new content daily. Stay tune.


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