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Stephen Samson Destiny, officially known as DeonUsual is a Nigerian multi-talented music producer and sound Engineer, from  Edo State in the South-southern  part of Nigeria. He obtained his Tertiary degree in Computer Science from the Higher Institution in the Middle-Belt, in Nigeria. He started playing instruments from the early age of 5 and officially started his music career in 2010, and has also recorded massive success. He combines international knowledge of music with that of his local contemporaries to make wonderful production and mix.

In 2018, he got a scholarship from the SAGOF Foundation, an NGO, to further on his production and music knowledge from the Music Academy of the gospel artist, SAMSUNG. He is a force to be reckoned with and has passionately invested his time and energy to produce quality and therapeutic sound in every genre of music that thrills the audience and the society by extension. He is currently on the key pads creating and producing banging and amazing songs that fit into the current demand of the society with global standard to give the world the best therapy in the world, which is music. He breaths music and music is him.

Don’t snooze. If you snooze, you loose. Stay connected.


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