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Our Services

Our Services

Custom Beat

Do you want a Custom Afrobeats instrumental that have not been used before? Do you have an idea for a banging hit you want to bring to life.

Let us design a Custom Afrobeats Instrumental tailor-made for you. One of One. Your Vibe, Your Vision.

Here’s How:

Email us at youngwinnersempire@gmail.com  Tell us more about your vision so we can have a clearer picture of your vision.

  • After we receive your Custom Afrobeats email, we’ll get back to you ASAP. If we need more info, we’ll ask.
  • We’ll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit (half) of the price.
  • After you pay the deposit, we’ll get started on your beat.
  • We’ll make your beat and send you a preview for approval.
  • The balance is paid only if you are satisfied with your beat.
Oh, and if you’re not impressed with the preview and we can’t fix it, your deposit is fully refunded and we keep the beat. Point. Blank. Period.
One Custom Beat: $500 ($250 deposit required)
Two Custom Beat: $800 ($400 deposit required)

$250.00$500.00Select options

Song Writing And Composition

Let us write and compose a song for your next project. With our amazing team of songwriters and composers, we can write and record a sample for you to listen. You only pay if you like it.


One of the key things you need to know about Afrobeat is rhythm. Before you can make or write an Afrobeat song, you need to understand the rhythm first. We understand the rhythms, and also know the Afrobeats songwriting techniques. 

$1,300.00 $1,000.00Add to cart

Mixing And Mastering

Mixing And Mastering: 

We know that finding good engineers to mix and master your song properly can be really hard. And explaining what to fix to the engineer is even harder. That’s why came up with this solution.

Video Production

We offer a  full Video Production plan. Here’s a list below.

  • Video Editting
  • Motion Graphics / Animation
  • Full Music Video Productions
  • Short Films and more…

Let our team of video expertise handle and deliver a quality industry standard visuals.

Click here for info.

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